Friday, February 02, 2007


Theme: The Sea

I invite you to participate in my first and small mail-art project, which is focused on a theme that I like very much, a theme about which I am at the same time, keen on and worried about: THE SEA.

A clean sea, a green sea, a blue sea, a sea without overfishing, a sea for its dwellers, a sea for everybody, a sea to enjoy. No pollution. No exploitation. No globalization.

Deadline: End of November 2007
Technique: Free
Size: Din A4 (maximum)
No return. Answer and interchange to everybody. Possible exposition.

Send your works to:

Carlos Botana
Avda. Gral. Sanjurjo, 62-2*
15006-A Coruna
Galicia (Spain)

Pass it. Thank You.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carlos - I enjoyed both your artwork and your explanation of same. Best of Luck with your first mail art call!

5:01 p.m.  

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