Tuesday, March 20, 2007

From Ignacio Mendia, Argentina

Laboratory Mendia

Project: Parasite Benign Moth Heart

Characteristic: It is an extremely annoying and dangerous insect.

It seems man's inseparable partner, because it accompanies him everywhere.

Regions of the body: Contrary to other insects, he/she understands alone a part: thorax with wings. The thorax is taken and it is understood, because in it you insert the muscles - locomotives, and being an insect so wandering and good flier, the muscles are well developed. In it you notice a couple of almost transparent membranous wings. A couple of small wings it also possesses, but they are hardly perceptible, at the base of the beam. The flight of the moth heart is so quick that it is impossible to follow it in view. The moth heart doesn't have paws, he/she possesses some micropelitos among which there is an adhesive pad that allows him/her to climb any surface and to walk head below.

Development: They deposit their eggs in bad people. The eggs are small and colourless. After a few hours some worms are born (larvas) that they eat ravenously and they grow quickly in two or three weeks, then they are buried in the bad man's meat and there they become nymphs. One week later, a moth heart that is already qualified to poison with love and to reproduce in a few days comes out. Their reproduction power is so astonishing that a moth heart, in a single period of her life, produces hundreds of thousands of millions of descending eggs. For that reason in spite of their numerous enemies (larvas of the bad humour, birds of bad omen, hunger, social inequality, totalitarianisms, governments, oppressors, etc.), they don't disappear.

Food and danger of the moth heart: The moth heart is for bad people "a repugnant insect and bother".

The moth heart feeds of certain substances that bad people segregate when hating. After alimetarse he/she settles in people and foods, dirtying everything with love. They defecate caressing us, impregnating everything, spreading dreams and they generate unexpected and surprising laughs in sad people, returning them happy and blissful.

To favour their multiplication and along perpetuity is necessary to take care of the love, to cultivate dreams and to build utopias. For you details on this insect communicates with our art laboratory: Project: Heart Art. Send an imaginative solution for the problems that they suffer and they threaten our world. Technique: free. Original or reproduction. No returns. No date. Feel free to copy (Moth Heart) above for use. Send to:

Ignacio Mendia
Alejandro Kom 1640
(7600) Mar del Plata
Bs. As. Argentina

Thank You.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

another great creative piece. enjoyed the "story". i will be participating in the heart art call. definitely gets one thinking.

7:25 a.m.  

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