Sunday, May 27, 2007

Artist Trading Cards and artistamps from Darlene Altschul, USA

Mini postcards from FnL Osowski, Australia

Postcard from Wittwulf Y Malik, Germany

Postcard from unskee (Robin Keith), Canada

Postcard from Suzlee Ibrahim, Malaysia

Computer-art postcard from Paul Tiilila, Finland

Postcard from David Stone, USA

Postcard from Khaled HJ Rejab, Malaysia

Friday, May 11, 2007

Postcard, Carlos Botana, Spain
Artist Book Cover, Jim Leftwich, artist (USA)
Jim Leftwich and Gail D Jams

Sunday, May 06, 2007


They shot another cub today
wolf-hate burning in their brain.
Clever escape by a creature's plan
where humans operate in vain.

There's a serious lack of sympathy
where men compete with wolves and ways.
Our arrogance ignited by a jealous spark
puts sanity to ashes in a major blaze.

The wolf is lost before it is found
so blind are we to creation's place.
Prejudice and greed, unsubtle, yet profound
hint a sad demise for the human race.

For without diversity to showcase God
comes the loneliness to make us at once insane.
Wolves and other wilderness essences
test the life-blood of life's blessed domain.

- Owen R. Neill, Canada


I am Grandmother Spiderwoman
Climbing on her web
Oh, there's a break
Weave, weave,
Weave, weave, rest
Keep the circle whole
Weave the stories of the past into now
Enter, and walk the web with the Grandmothers
Sparkle in the Sun
Work your Way to the Sacred Centre
Circle of the Body Whole
Where it's worn
Repair, repair
Work the magic again and again

The morning light changes everything
Yet it remains the same
Spin and grow, spin and grow
Bind earth, air, water, fire
Into renewal
Use all the materials to weave again
Begin again

When the end comes
The new rises from the Old
The Grandmothers
Weave through you and me
To begin again, begin again.

- Mary Billy, Canada (excerpted from Under My Blue Hat (with permission)

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Postcard from Paul Tiilila, Finland

LoeBear sent via Terry Reid (Oz) with permission from Lex Loeb, USA

Photos from Sabriye Celik, Turkey
MAIL ART CALL: Life and Art
Deadline: February 2008
Any Medium. Any Technique.
No jury. No fee. No return.
All works will be displayed on website.
Send to Sabriye Celik
Sair Latifi sok. Oba Apt. No 47D: 9, 3410 Baharlye-Kadikoy, Istanbul-Turkey

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Postcard from Marrali Calogero, Italy

Art by Daniel Symcha, Argentina

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Two cards comprised of the ancient art of quilling and watercolour. Sent in by Mary Walker, Canada

ATC by Gail D., Canada

The Swan
She paddles in quickly,
Nodding this way and that
Eyes ever moving, counting her chicks
Checking for danger
Ready to see anything coming
If possible before it happens
She settles in and relaxes
Then slowly opens like a water lily
Petal after waxy petal
Some decorated delicately with dew
Others, deeper, lower down,
Tough as elder sisters,
Their arms stretching full out
Then folding, holding all the others
Close to her bosom.
- Mary Billy, Canada
from Over The Falls

From Australia, Terry Reid's Work Work Work and Add and Pass ATCs

Postcard from K. Xarchopoulou, Greece