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" ... so capitalism acts ... it puts cost to everything, until to air, to water, to love ... Nothing could remain out, not even mail art." - Clemente Padin

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As a mailartist I feel it is important to communicate this information and also important that all mailartist should read and take the time to respond, either to the artists listed or to this post or to myself (I will forward all opinions on).

Mailartists, friends, the below subscribers have received that writing by means of photographies and we send them to you with the end that you can see them like us (refer to in order to see the photographs - gail).

You, without a doubt, know our opinion in relationship to the commercialization of Mail Art and how the interference of money would alter Mail Art completely on the dot of changing its principal objective: from product of communication to merchandise committed to the laws of the market of art.

We thought that Mail Art should move for the land that mailartists establish and never for irrelevant interests out of our area. Should we support these mercantile manifestations or should we close them the pass? We want to encourage you to establish a dialogue in this sense and we provide to your disposition our website BOEK861 in order to pick up your opinions.

You could make us arrive your opinions by email:

Clemente Padin:
Cesar Reglero:

Or, for postal mail:

Clemente Padin: C. Correo Central 1211, 11000 Montevideo, URUGUAY
Cesar Reglero: Apartado 861, 43080 Tarragona, ESPANA


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i hope mail artists take the time to respond ...

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