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Edgardo Antonio Vigo died in 1997 when he was close to 70 years of age, in La Plata, the city in which he was born. An xylophonist, experimental poet, conceptualist, builder of "useless objects and strange machines", a constant innovator whose work was only recently discovered, he has become a source of constant surprises, because of the almost indescribable nature of his proposals. He also cultivated forms, such as mail art and experimental poetry, which are even today considered sub-artistic, or simply not considered art at all by vernacular criticism.

In the early 70s Vigo joined the nascent circuits of Mail Art, becoming one of its most active participants until the day of his death. The military dictatorship in his country dealt him a cruel blow when one of his sons, Palomo Vigo, disappeared and it is from that tragic event onwards that his work acquired a strong political tone, as he extended his contacts abroad, spreading information about the brutal repression and crimes against humanity committed by that fierce dictatorship. His visual poem
Sembrar la Memoria (Sowing Memories) is emblematic in front injustice and institutional illness. In later years his work came to light again, when he exhibited individually at the San Telmo Foundation (1991) where he presented a retrospective of his major works. In 1994 he was chosen to be part of the Argentina contribution to the 22nd S?o Paulo Biennial (Brazil) where he received worldwide reconnaissance.

In front so important event we invited artists and poets of everybody to adhere to this humble memory sending an only work, of any character (that could control in one or two jpeg files of 200 Kb or in a WORD file of 3 pages, only) that abridges his/her homage to so famous artist whose merit was give us the toil for liberty confronting us to opcional of having to opt between the varied possibilities of signification (included altering its sense) that his works offered and take on and state explicitly so, through the personal election, our genuine nature to freedom.

Send your artwork by email to:


Deadline: April 30, 2007. All the artworks will be in http://boek861.com. If you desire to send your homage in physical format, send to:

Clemente Padin
C.C. Central 1211
11000 Montevideo - URUGUAY

who will scanner it and send it to BOEK861. Thanks in advance.


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